Melanie Young has a story that no one else on Earth can tell. She has lived with a 900 year old skull that many people believe is part alien – and also is an RN who has specialized in neonatal care, pediatric ICU, and oncology and hails from El Paso, Texas. Even though this would be great conversation fodder at a dinner party – ok – maybe only at the best dinner parties, it is a true story, nonetheless. Let’s hear the history of the skull in Melanie’s own words…


1. Melanie, how did you first hear of the skull?

It was the summer of 1998. I owned and operated a Day Spa when one of my employee’s husband approached me. He said he was in possession of two skulls one of which was different from the other. He asked if I would be interested in looking at them. I, being very fascinated with anatomy and physiology said yes. The next day he brought me pictures of the two skulls. One was a normal human skull, the other thing was like nothing I had ever seen before. I told him that to make sense of what I was looking at I would need to see it in person.

2. How did you come into possession of it?

About a week or two later he brought in two boxes. In one box was a normal skull, which was very cool, because I had studied extensively with Dr. John Upledger and his cranial-sacral therapy for years. To actually see a human skull and exam it closely was very exciting. Then I looked in the other box, and thought, “ What am I looking at?” It was bone like you and I have. It had all the same bones as all human skulls, but they were all misshapen. When I explained this to him, he said, “You and Ray can have it. I don’t want it because I think it is illegal to have human remains.” I explained that I could buy a complete human skeleton out of a catalog without any problem. He still didn’t want to keep it. He was afraid it could affect his pension since he was retired from the FBI.

3. Please tell us the story of how these skulls were found.

He explained that the woman who found the skulls found them when she was a young girl visiting family in Mexico. The children were told not to wonder off into the caves or mines in the area as they were unsafe. So, like any teenager, she snuck away and went exploring. She came across a cave or mine and when she went in, she found a normal-looking complete skeleton lying on the ground. Of course, she was intrigued. When she looked closer, she noticed that there was a small hand wrap around the arm of the normal skeleton. She noticed that there was a small mound of loose soil that the hand was coming out of. She scooped the dirt away and found another skeleton. However, this one was different; every bone was misshapen. She decided to take everything back home. So, she put everything in a basket and took it back to where she was staying. When she got there, she hid the basket. She would retrieve it the next day and bring it back to El Paso, TX. However, that night there was a thunderstorm and everything got washed away down the Arroyo River. When she went looking for everything, all she could find were the two skulls and one maxilla that belonged the strange skull.

4. Where has the skull been in the last 20 years?

The skull has been in my possession part of the time. I gave it to Lloyd Pye in Feb, of 1999 to do the research and find out exactly what it was. He took it all over the USA, showing it to any and everybody he could to get the answers. You can see his results at The last part of 1999 through the beginning of 2001, Lloyd took it to Vancouver BC and left it with Dr. Ted Robertson to get his expert opinion. After 9/11/2001, the skulls rarely left the US. Somewhere along the line they ended back in Vancouver and Ray had to sneak them back across the border. While Lloyd was out of the country, the skulls were with me. When Lloyd passed away in 2013, the skulls were transferred to a safe deposit box in Tampa, Florida. In the summer of 2015, I went to Tampa and retrieved the skulls and they have remained in my possession. However, the maxilla has been in the possession of the geneticist and I am unable to get it back. It is my hope that one day the skull can be together with all its parts.

5. What kind of research has already been conducted on the skull?

Lloyd Pye did many tests while he was in charge of the research.To name a few: x-rays, sonograms, CT scans, carbon dating, SEM, three sets of DNA testing, and an electron microscope examination were conducted. I think there were other tests but I can’t remember.

6. Why do you want new research conducted on it?

The scientific process requires that all tests have to be reproducible and peer-reviewed. For most of the tests done so far, the scientist won’t go on record or give a complete report of their finding. The geneticist that has done the most recent test and has possession of the maxilla continues to remain anonymous.

7. What do you hope will come of the investigation?

The main thing I want from the investigation is to determine what the skull is or what caused the deformities that we are finding. If we can determine what caused the deformities and how it survived so long, then we can use that information to develop treatments for diseases or birth defects that plague us today.

8. Why did you select Chase Kloetzke to do the investigation?

After hearing Chase’s lecture in Arizona, I knew that I could trust her. Her integrity is impeccable. She has a passion for finding the truth. She respects me and the skull. She has the know-how to do a scientific investigation. After spending any time with her, who wouldn’t want her on the case? And she thinks outside the box. She didn’t want to take the skull to the UFO investigators. She immediately took it to the people who deal with ancient finds, paleontologists and anthropologists.

9. What has the skull meant to you, personally?

This one is a tough one. I feel honored and humbled to have them. I feel I have a major responsibility to find out the truth, to protect them, and make sure they are always treated with respect. When testing that requires the bone to be cut, I cry like a mother would if her child going to surgery. I do feel like they are my children. There is a love that doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

10. What is one thing you hope to share with world concerning the skull?

I want to share everything we have done, found and will find with everyone. Like I told Dr. Valle and Chase “I don’t have a dog in the fight.” I just want to know. What I know you’ll know. It isn’t about me, it’s about the skull. Some say it’s all about the money. I don’t see how any money is to be made from this investigation. I’m NOT about money. I’M ABOUT THE KNOWLEDGE THAT COMES FROM THE INVESTIGATION.

Thanks, Melanie, for sharing this unique artifact with the world and your incredible story! We can’t wait to share this adventure with you! Anyone who wants to learn more about Melanie can visit her blog at