Since revealing the final report on the Starchild Skull, we have received more than our fair share of support and positive feedback. It’s been amazing, in fact. Most people have taken the time to fully read and comprehend our findings. However, there is a very small handful, yes we can count them on one hand, of those that have just blown a gasket at the mere mention of anything other than “Alien”. We get it! We were even accused of “not believing in aliens” because of the results. That’s just the most illogical thing ever. That’s like telling Edison he didn’t believe in electricity after failing to invent a light bulb 1,000 times. In fact, we have already processed through our disappointment as we were privy to the results earlier. I know!!!! We wanted Alien too!!!

We have encouraged challenges and skeptics! And we mean it!!!!! Please keep in mind, what we have NOT invited would be the Trolls that rant and pollute our field with nothing constructive, relevant or useful, just their garbage!

The Fake Accounts and Trolls Solution

We have been accused of removing a couple of negative comments from our website;  This is absolutely true! As we read every response, we have found the one or two posts that just blast us. But for what??? That was hard to tell. The comment was just banter and hateful. To add more fuel to the fire, when we researched the comment address…you guessed it! A Fake Facebook account! Someone more comfortable hiding his/her identity in an effort to maintain NO responsibility or ownership of their comments.

We have posted every single person involved, every site we visited, every reference we looked at or sited, and the reports have been exposed in full. OUR name is front and center as we take full responsibility for our information and our work processes. We stood up.

Why we would waste our time on comments that offer nothing but accusations from fake people? Why would we offer these same cowards a voice on our website? Why we ask the visitors to our site to waste their time reading comments from Fake Accounts? We wouldn’t! Plain and simple! We have no tolerance for drama or accusers that look for a platform to rant and point fingers but hide like rats and cockroaches! Our visitors and the public deserve better! We are truth-seekers, we have no interest in these anonymous social media games!

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for the love of Trolls!

In our opinion, the few comments that were negative were obviously placed by people who did not even give us the courtesy of reading the full report before challenging it. An example of what was argued was, “you lost all credibility the second you said deformities were caused by natural means. No deformities are symmetrical.” I challenge anyone that still holds this false belief to just use the computer they obviously have access to and do just a tiny bit of research before making statements such as these. We even listed several possible examples of diseases and disorders that cause symmetrical deformities, shallow eye sockets, etc. We are not saying we know the answer for the deformities but that no longer can anyone say, “There is no explanation other than ‘Alien’ to describe the features.”

We have asked the scientists, our peers, and the public to challenge us. But do it in the spirit of professionalism and of debate. We not only honor this request; we look forward to it. In fact, that would be an interesting intellectual discussion. But please, please, do your research first and don’t waste other people’s time with rhetoric. Let’s work on getting real, admissible, scientific evidence to prove other-worldly life. But to do so, we may need to weed out some possibilities before we get to something downright amazing, and we need to determine exactly what is the best way to do this. And it’s not with words and meaningless arguments. It’s with real scientific testing.  Repeatable, transparent, honestly reported testing. Please be a part of that in a positive way. Bring your personally researched arguments. Conduct investigations on your own. Learn about forensics. Take classes on anthropology and archaeology. Ask scientists real questions like, “What can I do to help further the study of ufology?” or any other fringe science. Believing isn’t going to be enough!

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Last word:

For the Trolls and anonymous posters…

We have exercised the obligation of reporting the fake account! Let Facebook deal with you, we have bigger and better things to do than address your poltroon criticisms that do not include a single educated counter point or sensible consideration. Haul your trash somewhere else. This team will not tolerate one word of it and offer our friends, colleagues and professionals a clean site free of attacks and haters with nothing more to bring to the table of discussion than more proclamations without a single debate point, research or examination.