Chase Kloetzke is the lead investigator on the new and independent research project studying the skull previously known as the “Starchild Skull.” This is a task that just as many would jump at the opportunity as would shy away from such a controversial subject. Let’s see exactly why Chase was crazy enough to tackle this mystery!

Lead Investigator Chase Kloetzke

1. How were you introduced to the subject of the “Starchild Skull”?

I had heard about this skull years ago and actually followed the newsletter about the Starchild for a while. It was at the International UFO Congress that I was approached and was offered a chance to see the skull for the first time. It was here that I learned most of the details known or reported about the skull.

2. What was your initial impression of the skull?

Honestly, I felt an immediate sense of sympathy and a remorseful feeling. I recognized this was once a living, breathing, being on this earth. It was obvious from the start, that human, alien, or hybrid, this little being must have had a very hard time when you think of how being “different” or how nonproductive beings were treated 900 years ago. I felt sorry that it was still “not at rest”.

I then recognized the anomalous features – including the “Inca Bones” and wormian sutures – that during my observation and initial examination of the skull, stood out. This fact, found Melanie, [The original owner] a bit surprised, as she had not heard of the sutures named in this way or the extra bones pointed out as something unique or known before. I spotted them immediately because I have seen them many times before in Peru and Bolivia, as they are a common feature found on the Elongated skulls.

3.When you were first asked to start a new and fresh look at the skull in an investigation as lead, did you have any reservations?

Yes! My first reservation was due to the fact that we all respected and adored Lloyd Pye. Anyone even attempting to “complete” his work will not find an easy path. This is why I have chosen to NOT address Lloyd’s work in any way, but instead to just do the investigation completely separate of his work in every way. As an Investigator and researcher, I understand that respect and courtesy should always bestow the researchers and investigators before us, especially if they are no longer with us.

My second concern is the overwhelming contamination that is just undeniable. Also, there is little documentation that meets a Burden of Proof…. It’s a huge challenge to fetter out facts when this Skull has passed to owner by owner with only an oral history of what they were told. There’s a lot of subjectivity.

And of course, the elephant in the room is how to maintain an independent investigation when there is already an LLC, Holding Company and “Business” that has been the main source of all information and access to the Starchild skull since Lloyd’s research. I was asked by the original owner to conduct a new examination and learned later that there are business concerns and even ownership rights that now exceed the original owner. There are 5 owners now within the “holding company”. I was frustrated by this new information as the “Project” seems more motivated toward other directions than the simple path I had already constructed in an investigation plan.

I was granted full permissions eventually to conduct this very independent investigation through an e-mail. This was great news but I want to make clear that I do NOT work with, work for, or report to in any way to the Starchild Project as they are a completely separate business from the Investigation Kerry, Melanie and I are conducting.

4. What in your background do you think made you the optimal choice for this new project?

I wouldn’t call myself the optimal choice, but my background in complicated and evidentiary cases is solid. I also hope to offer “Admissible”, scientific data, and named, accredited professionals for the public and the scientific communities to scrutinize!

5. What do you hope to learn from the skull?

The truth! Plain and simple. There is so much on the internet about this Skull and the opinions fly in every direction. I hope to bring a clarity and to 100% meet a public’s desire for truthful and thorough examinations.

6. What professionals do you plan on bringing on board to help with the investigation?

My first best move was to bring you, Kerry, onto this project! And as we have already started the examinations process with no less than 5 experts and 3 locations and we have honestly just begun. I hope for the top names and professionals to weigh in and also conduct the appropriate testing. This is no small task, but one we will not compromise. We need the highest credentials, the latest technologies, and certified equipment. This will include, for the first time, Paleontologists, Anthropologists, Osteologists, forensic pathology experts and a host of others including those with a vetted history and name in Ancient DNA work.

7. I know the investigation has only begun, but have there been any obstructions in beginning the project?

Yes, there have been a couple of hurdles that have appeared. It’s my job to negotiate the challenges in a way that promotes the best interest of the skull and the investigation. There can be no other motives.

The first obstacle I realized was the fact that there are “pieces” of the skull missing that were found and kept with the skull through all transfers. Part of the maxilla and teeth are with another researcher.

The second stumbling block is the money. (As much as I hate to admit this!) The tests are expensive. I have always remained independent of  “Businesses” as they always have an agenda. They want something in return. Whether this is exclusivity or a certain outcome, it’s always been a strict policy of mine to NOT accept funds or money from business interests or ask the public for help. I’m not against donations into specific work but I am personally not interested in working for any kind of “business”.

This of course, stalls many tests until I can save the funds needed to proceed. This investigation has already cost almost $2,000 and there is so much more to do, but we will continue to push forward, save as much as we can and seek the professionals that will be required even if this means a waiting period.

8.What is the most important thing you would like the public to know concerning this project?

The most important thing to truly understand is; there is so much information on the internet about the Starchild Skull, that it’s difficult for even veteran investigators to find any kind of evidence tests that would meet an admissible or burden of proof. There is important information written and released but most of it lacks the proper details that must be attached such as: who were the scientists? What equipment was used and was this equipment properly calibrated or meet a satisfaction for testing? When were these examinations done and where? What scientific examinations were conducted and by how many professionals? And many, many more. The opposition to the Starchild data and questions about the details behind the claims are valid! This is physical evidence that has proper procedure requirements that cannot be ignored as these details themselves create the solid case investigation, study, examinations and findings. There can be NO short cuts.

And lastly, we will make available here on this website, The Field Reports, EVERYTHING! Every test and result, every examiner, every location, every step we take that involves the Starchild Skull. We will hold nothing back as the public and this once living being deserves the truth…all of it!

That about sums it up, folks! “The truth! Plain and simple.” is what Chase is all about and we cannot wait to see what is discovered about this one-of-kind artifact.  Regardless of the results, this is an exciting quest.

“The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” – St. Augustine