Article compiled and authored by: Chase Kloetzke, Special Assignments Team Investigator Mutual UFO Network and Kerry McClure, MUFON Special Assignment Team Correspondent

The following article appeared in the MUFON Journal and is presented here as background information for the newly reported Fast Radio Bursts that were discovered August 26, 2017 by the scientists with the Breakthrough Listen Project who focused on the area where previous FRB were found (FRB 121102) that we discuss near the conclusion of the article. It is unclear if these new Fast Radio Bursts are similar to the previously discovered ones, as if a repeating code coming back to life, or something completely different. The exciting part is – we are receiving incredible data from a certain area of space and the more information we gather, the closer scientists are to solving the mystery of what exactly these explosions of energy may be.

Imagine a quiet evening at home when you hear what sounds like a science fiction movie sound effect – a loud BWAAAAAAAA BWAAAAAAAA – but it’s not coming from the TV. It seems to be coming from the sky and the dogs are barking, car alarms are going off, and the windows are shaking. This is a real phenomenon that people all over the world have been experiencing and reporting since around March of 2011. And it has scientists unable to explain the cause.

A brief history of Mysterious Booms

Although mysterious booms and sounds are enjoying a newfound popularity on YouTube and various radio shows, they have been heard for hundreds of years. For example, on the East Coast, the Seneca Guns have long been heard in the Catskill Mountains and Belgium has their mistpouffers (fog belches). The Shikoku area of Japan has their reports of yan and the Italians have their brontidi (thunder-like). Many coastal areas such as these have folklore going way back describing booming, cannon-like, or roaring noises emanating from the sky. Most of these sounds can be explained by local earthquakes, tidal and storm waves, booming sands, explosive gas bursts, meteorites, or even in modern times, sonic booms from aircraft.

What’s interesting about the most recent booms is that they cannot simply be explained by any of these causes. Although the first recorded reports of mysterious booms can be traced back to 1934, the number unexplained sounds exploded, no pun intended, in March of 2011. A fairly extensive, but not comprehensive, list of reported booms can be

found here. Suddenly, reports of these mysterious sounds were coming out of everywhere around the world, from Florida to Russia, and continue today. An interactive map (although apparently not recently updated) of where mysterious sounds have been recorded and can be watched on YouTube can be found here.

Screenshot from interactive map from

Listen and compare the eerie sounds reported throughout the world. They have been described as sounding metallic, like a trumpet, or even a long dragging against concrete sound. Some of the noises are described as a loud boom that rolls almost like thunder. Most observers say the sound appears to be coming from above, but those that physically feel the vibrations report it seeming to come from below.

What’s causing these recent Mysterious Booms?

First, let’s discuss what actually causes sound. Sound is literally a vibration (which is kinetic energy in nature) caused by some form of energy, be that: chemical (an explosion), mechanical (a hammer hitting a nail), thermal (water freezing), electrical (a speaker), or magnetic (an MRI machine). Knowing that energy cannot be created or destroyed, means one of these types of energy (or perhaps additional types we are have yet to discover) and A LOT of it – based on the loudness of the booms and the

actual distance the sound permeates – is being changed into sound waves which are then detected by our human ears or a recording device. What can be causing such a large amount of sound energy and how does it seem to be coming from the sky?

The Law of the Conservation of Energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.

These contemporary Mysterious Booms are quickly reported to police and local news shows by confused and sometimes frightened eyewitnesses, or rather, ear witnesses. As can be seen above, these sounds are often recorded and the public, now made aware of these strange noises, then demand an explanation. First, meteorologists rule out Thunderstorms. Police and Fire Departments make sure no explosions took place nearby. Seismologists are contacted to rule out an earthquake. The armed forces are contacted to rule out any local sonic booms from aircraft. Authorities are reached to make sure there are no underground blasts, fracking, or tunnels being drilled. Even astronomers are asked to rule out any space phenomena such as meteorites or falling space debris. When all of these initial plausible explanations have been exhausted, what’s left? The theories range from the center of the Earth to the furthest extents of the universe.

Other possible theories:

  • Cryoseism, or frost quakes, happen when water seeps into the ground and then freezes, causing stress on the surrounding area resulting in ground shaking and loud thunderous booms.
  • Armageddon – the sounds are sometimes described as sounding like trumpets and Revelation 11:15 is often referred to because it states, “The seventh angel blew his trumpet…”
  • Sonic booms from top-secret aircraft
  • Magnetic polar shift – Linda Moulton Howe at has a compelling theory that the earth’s core could be going through a magnetic polar shift which is showing signs of happening soon.
  • UFOs – from either sonic booms, the act of crossing a dimension, breaking through a cultivated worm hole, or using unknown technology
  • Solar flares – which have been increasing since 2011 which coincides with the increase in mysterious sounds
  • Interplanetary communication or other effects from space – sometimes observers even see glowing orange orbs at the same time of the mysterious sounds.


A visible comparison of Mystery Booms


Using a sound analysis app, a visible snapshot of different mysterious booms from around the world was captured to show how similar they are to one another. One can easily search mystery sounds or mystery booms on YouTube and the following locations, download any sound analysis app and compare the sounds for yourself.



Notice that the sounds occur in intervals with emphasis in basically the same area of frequency. For reference, here are some comparison sound snapshots. One can see the relative similarity between the mystery sounds and Om or Ohm chanting. Also, the mystery sounds have been likened to the “Bwaaaa” sound in movies and their trailers. We can see that the snapshot with the compilation of many “Bwaaaa” sounds looks different because it is one sound right next to another (there’s no intervals between the sounds) but one can see what frequencies the sounds make, which are more frequencies than the mystery booms but similar to the Canada sound, for example.Attachment-1

Much like the Mystery Booms, Fast Burst Radio Signals have come to the forefront recently and an explanation for their source is just as elusive. No other links between the two have yet to be found, but both are subjects that remind us of all that is yet to be discovered about our planet and the universe that affects us. And just for curiosity’s sake, here is a visual depiction of eight fast burst radio signals… (the green color is silence between the different examples.) 

Fast Burst Radio Signals

A brief history of Radio Astronomy – the precursor to discovering Fast Burst Radio Signals

The field of Radio Astronomy or remote-controlled exploration began over 100 years ago when Nikola Tesla filed and was granted a patent for remote control technology for the use of guided objects or vehicles.


The foundation was laid for space exploration and radio wave mechanics, In May of 1898, a robot device guided by radio waves wa introduced at the Electrical Exposition held at Madison Square Garden. Although a Nobel Prize was later awarded in 1909 to Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor and electrical engineer, credited for his work on long distance radio transmissions and the radio telegraph, it is widely held that his work was catapulted by Tesla.


“The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another.” – Nikola Tesla

While working in his lab in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tesla recorded cosmic radio waves in 1899. He reported that the signals or waves came from hydroxyl molecules found in interstellar gas clouds and from Red Giant Stars. He discovered the importance of the ionosphere (our shield from solar radiation) and was the first scientist to utilize this ionic-charged part of the atmosphere. The thin air found high in the stratosphere and beyond is the zone where atoms and molecules are separated and charged with electricity  by inbound cosmic and solar radiation. This creates the perfect conduction properties for radio waves in the atmosphere. This was an important discovery for the future of robotics, radio-guided missiles and remote control, among many other modern technological uses in modern science.

His announcement that he recorded and received extraterrestrial radio signals resulted in career catastrophe. The scientific community just refused to believe him, but this discovery also led Tesla to the unique idea to use the ionosphere to transmit electrical energy remotely or, in other words, without wires. To further his research, he constructed a broadcasting tower named Wardenclyff Tower in Shoreham, Long Island in 1901-1905. This was developed to be the first center for broadcasting wireless transmissions of electrical energy.

Today, cosmic radio waves are studied and recorded all over the globe. There are well over 100 radio telescopes operating and used for radio astronomy. There are single dishes, as in China with their newly deployed Spectral Radio Heliograph (CSRH), or many devices, such as the Very Large Array that is home to 27 dishes in Socorro, New Mexico, which is part of the NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory).

  • Africa: 8 known operational sites
  • Antarctica: 2 known operational sites
  • Asia: 20 known operational sites
  • Australia: 9 known operational sites
  • Europe: 52 known operational sites
  • North America: 28 known operational sites
  • South America: 14 known operational sites
  • Atlantic Ocean: 2 known operational sites
  • Indian Ocean: 1 known operational site
  • Pacific Ocean: 5 known operational sites
  • Space Based: 3 known operational sites
  • Under Construction: 2 approved
  • Proposed Telescopes: 2

source: List of radio telescopes

High Frequency Active Auroral research Program (HAARP)

research and advancement continue in the field ionosphere potentials and usage at the High Frequency active Auroral Research Program – or HAARP. It was designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies and is jointly funded by the Defense Department of the Navy and the US Air Force. This facility is located just north of Gakona, Alaska.

When in operation, this facility analyzes and examines the development of ionosphere enhancement technology for radio communication and surveillance. The IRI (Ionosphere research Instrument) is an advanced and high-powered radio frequency transmitter that performs in the high frequency band to radicalize or excite a selected limited area of the ionosphere when activated. This is the upper portion and basically where a transition between the atmosphere and the magnetosphere happens. The project directs a 3.6 MW signal that can be delivered in a pulse method or a continuous route in the 2.8-10 MHZ region of the high frequency band into the ionosphere. HAARP will play a significant role in radio astronomy and the advancements as this research facility is the research and development hub for Radio Astronomy.

Related Facilities:

  • The HIPAS, near Fairbanks, Alaska (currently “off-line”)
  • The Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
  • The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association, near Tromso, Norway
  • Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, Vasilsursk, Russia

Fast Burst Radio Signals

With the conception of SETI, (Search for the Extraterrestrial Intelligence), Ufologists have been following the progressive information that is released, detailing the discovery of the first admitted radio signal discovered to be the now infamous, Fast Burst Radio Signals. most people are aware of the WOW signal that was recorded on August 15, 1977 at The Ohio State University and found just a couple days later by astronomer Jerry R. Ehman. After an exhaustive effort to find the signal again, the signal seemed to silence. After the full signal sequence was recorded for 72 seconds, it has not been detected since. Or, at least that’s what we’ve been told. To date, there has not been a single explanation that debunks this signal and all theories suggesting solutions have fallen short. a natural origin has not been ruled out as we are at a disadvantage with out space knowledge and can only source earth as our single data point. Still, the WOW signals remains our greatest evidence discovered for an alien radio transmission.

Today, the discussion and hunt is on for the Fast Burst Radio Signals first discovered in 2007. Duncan Lorimer and his team from West Virginia University in Morgantown found the first FRB (Fast Radio Burst) by researching old observations of the 64-meter Radio Telescope in Parkes, Australia. The signals have been described as elusive and more recently “explosive signals” as the latest data and collection of FRBs have indicated new certainties. The FRBs were first thought to be random signals and coming from different locations in space. Without a signal that can be examined with a discernible pattern, scientists were struggling for answers. The break in the case happened in March of this year when researchers discovered the first FRB coming from outside of our galaxy and offered a repeating pattern of signals never before heard,

A team of researchers from the McGill University in Canada has discovered six more anomalous signals from the same location, which has been given an identifier, FRB 121102.

“We report on radio and X-Ray observations of the only known repeating Fast Burst source, FRB 121102,” the team from McGill University wrote in The Astrophysical Journal.

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

The leading theory proposed indicates that these signals are not extraterrestrial, instead, the result of a young neutron star that is rotating with a massive amount of energy to emit the bright pulses. This contra-indicates any idea or reality of repeatable FRB, so, what does this mean? The truth is, they don’t know. the researchers and scientists debate if there are different types of FRB, both with different origins. This is possible but could be unlikely with the latest signal pattern. We need more data and it’s coming! it would appear that every institution on Earth is looking for intelligent extraterrestrials and an earth-like planet is clearly becoming the only answer for humanity’s survival. we must become an interplanetary species. Universities, technical colleges, religious institutions, governments and private space industry is racing for confirmation and proof of a theory and claim spoken out loud by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago. Cosmic radio signals are a likely reality and are still today a great mystery as to their source.