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Chase Kloetzke and Kerry McClure

Strange Sounds from Space? – From Mystery Booms to Fast Burst Radio Frequencies – The White Paper

Article compiled and authored by: Chase Kloetzke, Special Assignments Team Investigator Mutual UFO Network and Kerry McClure, MUFON Special Assignment Team Correspondent The following article appeared in the MUFON Journal and is presented here as background information for the newly... Continue Reading →

Is Earth Being Seeded with DNA-Filled Metallic Spheres from Space?

By Kerry McClure and Chase Kloetzke Metallic spheres containing biological matter were found in the stratosphere by Professor Wainwright and his team in the U.K. Similar spheres were found a reported UFO landing site near Moscow. The composition of one... Continue Reading →

The Fakes, the Trolls and the Truthseekers

Since revealing the final report on the Starchild Skull, we have received more than our fair share of support and positive feedback. It’s been amazing, in fact. Most people have taken the time to fully read and comprehend our findings.... Continue Reading →

Final Results! – Determining if the Starchild Skull is Part Alien

  ABSTRACT The purpose of this investigation was to determine the validity of the claim that the Starchild Skull, a 900-year-old anomalously shaped skull, belonged to an alien-hybrid being.  The first phase of the project was to procure an exact... Continue Reading →

The 16 things you thought you knew about the Starchild Skull and what science says about them will surprise you

(Warning: Some images in the Investigation Report can be disturbing!) While Kerry McClure and I, Chase Kloetzke, organized an investigation plan as independent investigators for the infamous Starchild Skull, we ventured forward with the realities and challenges of providing scientific explanations as opposed... Continue Reading →

Trying to solve the latest Starchild Skull enigma – Where does it belong?

You will not believe what we discovered during our research into the Starchild Skull! This investigation had us delving into such extraneous topics as: the legalities of a multi-person corporation, the chemical makeup of talcum powder, and international repatriation laws!... Continue Reading →

The Field Reports Featured on “Into the Parabnormal” Radio Show

This Saturday, December 3, 2016, The Field Reports will be on "Into the Parabnormal" with Jeremy Scott. Check it out! More info can be found on their website: We will be discussing everything from The Starchild Skull to Fake News... Continue Reading →

Why We Love Fake News

It's hilarious that after the post-election upheaval, people are looking everywhere for something to blame, including fake news.  It's been around forever though - propaganda for military operations as outlined in the ancient Chinese text, The Art of War, unbased... Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Not Write Fake News About “Fringe Science”

We're so happy "fake news" has come to the forefront. You can read why here, but seriously, let's work together to help push "fringe science" into an acceptable field of study, before the masses push it into the abyss of fakery and... Continue Reading →

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