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Chase Kloetzke and Kerry McClure

Ghost Hunt at Octagon Hall

Friday, October 28th begins a live-streamed ghost hunt at Octagon Hall, one of the most haunted place in the country! Chase and I will be there so tune in to KGRA to hear Chase and Society of the Supernatural's YouTube... Continue Reading →

Current Project: Exhibit/Evidence # 1602SCS-001/5

As we embark on this new journey into the mysteries held by the Starchild Skull, we understand the many and diverse opinions and beliefs held by those who have been following its road so far.  The Skull has been one... Continue Reading →

What Do the Starchild Skull and Albert Einstein Have in Common? New Test Results May Hold the Answer

Recently, tiny slices of the Starchild Skull were sent to an independent testing company, Selee Labs. There, the Skull underwent a thorough and comprehensive examination using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Basically, this cutting edge instrumentation uses a high beam of... Continue Reading →

Results: The Starchild Skull is Examined by Archaeologist Dr. Aaron Judkins

What did esteemed archaeologist Dr. Judkins have to say about the Starchild Skull? You might be surprised! After being examined by an Osteologist, the next expert analysis took place on August 22, 2016, in Lubbock, Texas.  There, Dr. Judkins became... Continue Reading →

The Starchild Skull Visits an Osteologist!

“What’s an Osteologist?” you may ask. I know I did. An Osteologist is someone who is trained and educated in the branch of anatomy that studies the structure and function of bones. After 900 long years, this little anomalous skull... Continue Reading →

“Why I Chose to Investigate the Starchild Skull.” – an interview with Chase Kloetzke

Chase Kloetzke is the lead investigator on the new and independent research project studying the skull previously known as the “Starchild Skull.” This is a task that just as many would jump at the opportunity as would shy away from... Continue Reading →


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an investigation into a decades-old UFO crash site never before researched? Perhaps you've wondered what really goes into uncovering the truth of an alien looking skull? Or researching a photo... Continue Reading →

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