Unique and mysterious – The Starchild Skull

As we embark on this new journey into the mysteries held by the Starchild Skull, we understand the many and diverse opinions and beliefs held by those who have been following its road so far.  The Skull has been one of those enigmas that fascinates and sparks the imaginations of anyone who sees a photo of it or has been fortunate enough to view it in person.  Many people have spent countless hours researching it, writing about it, presenting it, and even forming a company to protect it. In fact, one man in particular, the late Lloyd Pye, dedicated much of his life solely to the purpose of discovering the secrets locked within the bones of the Starchild Skull.

The Starchild Skull sparks the imagination.

Beginning a new investigation into such a loved and venerated artifact such as the Starchild Skull feels much like being the new guy who is trying to date your freshly single mom. Suspicions may run high.  Intentions are questioned. Curiosity piqued.  Some of the kids are going to encourage it – it’s time to move forward and try something new – and some of the kids are going to do everything they can to sabotage this relationship because no one can replace their mom and change is scary.  We understand and we promise to treat the skull, its history, and its fans with dignity and integrity, and we ask the same.

The adult skull the was found alongside the Starchild Skull.

So, as the new investigation team, we just want to clarify our intentions going forward with this project.  This will be a brand new investigation, as if the skull is being seen with fresh eyes for the first time.  We will be releasing new information never before seen, because we will be consulting with experts and categories of scientists who have never studied the skull before. We have the utmost respect for the passionate research conducted by Lloyd Pye and his team – The Starchild Project. (Visit them here.)  To give so much of yourself, such devotion, to a project is truly admirable.  We have no intentions of competing with other researchers or building upon previous research. More simply, we are not setting out to prove anyone wrong – or right, for that matter.  We will not be using any previous data that we have not collected ourselves.  All of this independent research will be done with respect to those who have come before and even those who will come after.

Moving forward, our goal will be to meet an admissible conclusion – to produce undisputed findings and a resolution. In order to remain true to our course, we will not compare our findings to previous research, nor will we challenge, debate, or engage in any way with those who do not adhere to a code of respect towards other researchers.  We will not compare techniques or discuss the differences in the applied sciences used in earlier research, one reason being that technologies advance at warp speed and new opportunities are becoming available for researchers and investigators every day.  It is in tribute to those that blazed the trail before us that the barriers of science are coming down in the first place!

FullSizeRenderWe hope that you will all join us on The Field Reports as we continue on this unfolding path.  It might take a while, but we will discover as much as scientifically possible.  And whether you are Team Alien, Team Human, or just super curious like us, we hope you ask the tough questions, dig deeper for yourselves, and remember that we are all hunting for the same thing – the truth.