Breaking news! This just in…

The Field Reports is one of the few select places to get this news from the source!  The winged Being that has caught the attention of many around the world – the same creature spotlighted in the award-winning documentary series, Watchers 10 –  has been exposed! This is exactly why we test, re-test, verify and do not stop until we have a scientific and provable conclusion.

LA Marzulli and Richard Shaw started with the basic examinations, including X-rays, much like most investigators who start at the same level of examination and then progress to DNA testing. This battery of tests concluded that the specimen is a biological being and not man-made. Well, it’s at least not plastic or fabricated.

X-Ray of the Fairy Being


True to the scientific method, they didn’t stop there. The next level of a full autopsy examination found interesting construction that could not be picked up by X-Ray and earlier testing.

These systematic and routine steps started to unfold the skin to expose the bone, chest cavity and skull. Here’s where it became clear –  the answer to what this creature actually is!


Closeup of Fairy Creature Features

Many researchers can be terrified to have aggressive tests like this done because they want to keep their artifact intact and in its original condition; but to discover the truths behind extraordinary claims, this is not always possible. When the permissions were granted for an autopsy, the results were confirmation of what was suspected in the first place – a possible hoax.

During the autopsy, they discovered what appeared to be a possible plastic substance holding the skin and facial features together.  The ears appeared to be glued on, as well as the wings – which appeared to be bat wings.  The skull, itself was guessed at being from some type of monkey. It was a well-constructed hoax, but a hoax, none-the-less.  It is extremely important, as investigators, to continue to call out hoaxes, so that if ever something actually anomalous appears before us – we know exactly what to look for in falsified artifacts so that we can, without a doubt, prove that something is a novel and new being, artifact or specimen and not a “piece of art”.

You can view the entire process and latest examination here:

Congratulations are in order to LA and Richard Shaw for not accepting the first few test results and concluding at that point to perpetuate the claim of a “Fairy”.  Instead, they did not stop until there was a conclusive scientific certainty. This is the new reality of our Burden of Proof. These tests take time, a lot of money, and the patience to not run with headlines!

This is all true for the Starchild Skull Investigation, as well.  We cannot just stop at – it’s so anomalous, it must be from another realm. No, we need to keep testing, and then test some more. And hope that other investigators can test as well. Repeatable results. Real professionals. Publicly available documentation. Yes, it is expensive, and it takes time and experts to donate their time and energy.  But hopefully, one day, there will be that bit of evidence that no one can explain or find a provable scientific reasoning for it, and we need to prove that we have been as absolutely rigorous as possible with our testing.

This will be the “new acceptable” way to proceed when investigating things that people are afraid to risk their job over.  We need to shift the study to be a real legitimate frontier – because it is. Again, it is only the truth we are hunting for.  But, aaargh! Hoaxers!!! And ugh! People who love to make conclusions and argue without facts! They are just the worst. Don’t be like them.