There is always one thing I can count on as an investigator, the opinions. They mostly come from well-meaning and sometimes brilliant people that read information about a topic on the internet. Most of the statements we receive are their understanding of what they have read on a website and they may or may NOT have even seen the actual evidence in question or have vetted the source of such claims!

The Starchild Skull has been with us and controversial for over a decade and a half! Got it!

I also understand that it has gone through a battery of tests and STILL controversial…WHY?

 Great Question, right?

As I accepted the invitation to re-examine the Starchild Skull, I knew the biggest challenges would not be with the technologies available to us today and a scientific process that offers no short cuts, but instead, the massive amount of information already on the internet. As I then brought this case to Kerry, we discussed a couple of important questions: can our study, examinations and testing of this skull meet a burden of proof and settle any remaining controversy? Can our testing be “Peer Reviewed” and meet a scientific certainty?

Our first goal in the investigation plan was to use only the following:

  • Professionals that would put their name on the work.
  • The credentials of individuals must exceed the “normal” standards in their specialty.
  • All Laboratories must be certified and all tools used in the process must meet industry levels of excellence.
  • All information and testing conclusions that are found in this process would NOT be censored, altered or dismissed.

We immediately decided to archive ALL previous claims in this NEW investigation. Kerry and I will NOT rely on anyone else’s work or intellectual properties. We will start from scratch! However, part of the scientific process is to determine what is already known about the skull and this has been an arduous task from the start. What is known, tested, vetted and provable. There are a lot of proclamations on the Starchild Skull but without access to the RESEARCH behind the claims, there is little that meets any level of admissibility or provenience. This is not a criticism as much as it is a fact in the modern world of the sophisticated information highway. The public should not be expected to trust any conclusions or tests that are claimed by anyone, because “they say this is what was found”. The public and scientific community must have full access to the reports and the professionals behind the study or tests for vetting purposes and if they desire to read the evidence of such claims, can make their conclusions based on all the material that was considered for each conclusion or proclamation.

There will be NO ridiculous headlines of “DNA PROVES ALIEN or NEPHILIM” from this team. There are no comparison DNA samples of Aliens or Nephilim in the genetic data banks, so these “Made for website profit” headlines continue to remain…unanswered…to this day! There is a good reason for that, there is no proof or reports!!

We are committed to 100% scientific reporting and information that the public can see, examine, vet and use for their own conclusion! In fact, this team will let those accredited with the educational backgrounds to make all conclusions!

Skeptics Welcomed!!!!

Skeptics keep us honest and let us know where the holes are in any case. If we are to engage in something so important, every effort must be made to meet all questions and scrutiny that is indeed relevant to the Starchild Skull. Questions are not always accusations and we sincerely welcome them. However, if bringing a criticism or counter statement of fact, we will ask for the full data and reports of who, why, how…etc. as we have provided. We will reveal our research in full as to how and why we have the conclusions noted and we ask the same of everyone that would like to enter the efforts on the Starchild Skull. Bring your work with the comments! That’s fair right?

The adult skull alongside the Starchild Skull

I believe, It’s time for the skulls to FINALLY speak for themselves. Like any other biological material, we cannot forget this was once a living being; human or otherwise. This alone demands that we properly handle everything from the accreditation of the “Experts” to the documented processes! We absolutely Respect the process! We also respect the Biological ethics behind these skulls. This will become better understood as our investigation progresses further but there is a huge responsibility when asked to take change of the remains of biological beings with a history and story of their own. These 900-year-old remains must be shown the respect, dignity and care they deserve.

Our goals started with and continues to be: leading an investigation to the top specialists and scientist, conduct testing as it’s supposed to have been done, and to finally let the SKULLS speak for themselves! The public can expect nothing less than that from us!

Technically, we are all Star Children.