Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an investigation into a decades-old UFO crash site never before researched? Perhaps you’ve wondered what really goes into uncovering the truth of an alien looking skull? Or researching a photo of Bigfoot long forgotten in an old dusty attic? The researchers Chase Kloetzke and Kerry McClure have teamed up to get to the bottom of these mysteries and more!

Be prepared to be virtually taken along for the most exciting and enigmatic projects currently being studied on the fringes of the known (and unknown) world.  We will present our findings and display the facts for you to become involved in the discovery process.  With our extensive connections with only the best and most professional scientists in their field, we know that our projects will be handled with utmost integrity.  We will have no other agenda than to discover the truth.

So join us on our adventure into the mysterious and unknown.  Maybe we prove a haunting is actually just bad wiring one day and confirm an actual UFO sighting the next.  You will get to see the reports, and look over the data.  You can form your own opinions and draw your own conclusions.  You can participate in intellectual, fact-driven debate with us and one another.

 The world of the unknown, the “things that should not exist” – this is the undiscovered frontier and we are all the explorers.  

With thorough , diligent, repeatable, scientific and forensic research methods, we hope that the mainstream scientific community will take a second look at our findings and perhaps, what is considered paranormal will one day be mainstream science and fact.